Product Description


This software is preferable for multi users that means it is suitable for large and small financial organizations. Business Software Solution also provides a multi-user Tally software license for small and large organizations with acceptable costs. Business Software Solution does not take any fee for further maintenance. If you found any error or something else in our accounting software, our dedicated software expert will solve your problem within a day.

Tally software has strong features. It can produce complex financial report and charts within a second. Using latest Tally version you can easily access the accounts related portion and can easily grab useful information for the customers. Business Software Solution provides latest Tally version which has latest accounting and financial features that is not available in any other accounting software throughout the country. Here are given below some outmost features that is available in our latest Tally software.

– Easily perform

– Basic Accounting Tasks

– Creating account information and add items in this account

– Job costing operation and maintenance

– The tally software provides a total payroll solution

– It can produce management information reports

– Preparing Balance sheet

– Produce profit and loss statement

– Produce different charts such as VAT forms, TDS, Tax analysis, FBT reports etc.

– Provide a budget analysis report

– Interest rate calculation

– Data management and synchronization